Did you know that you can turbo-charge the development of a culture of reading at your school with a Book Fair?


Book Fairs build the excitement and fun of reading in a pop-up bookshop event at your school. When a school hosts a Scholastic Book Fair, they bring students, teachers, families and the community together at their school to celebrate reading, and raise funds for books and resources for the school.


Bookaneer Book Fair

Where books are the treasure!

Bookaneer is the next theme for Scholastic Book Fairs, taking us off on a daring journey into open books! Build a pirate ship as part of your Book Fair décor and adorn your entrance with treasure map markings, including a large “X” marks the spot.


To get more kids on board and into the Fair, plan adventurous activities like an in-school treasure hunt, or a gold coin guessing game. Invite teachers and students to dress like a pirate for a day!






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