Family Events / Wish Lists

What is a Family Event?

A Family Event is a special occasion to get students' families to your school and to celebrate reading as a family. A Family Event is an excellent way to build excitement for you Fair.


When to host a Family Event

The best time to host your Family Event is usually halfway through your Book Fair week. Host your Family Event during the school day, during the evening or on weekends - whatever works best for your families.


Why host a Family Event?

Family involvement with the Book Fair is critical to its success. A Family Event gives parents/guardians a better understanding of their child's reading interests, reading level and reading potential - it gets families reading together!


How to host a Family Event

Here are some ideas:

  • Small events: Try hosting several smaller events, one per year level, throughout the week.

  • Breakfast events: Hold a morning event for busy parents so they can swing by before school to look at the Fair.

  • Book parade: Award prizes for the best dressed

  • Grandparents' day.

  • Family reading times where parents/guardians can come in and read with their child.

  • Combine with other school activities such as Open Night, school choir or band performances, Presentation Night or parent-teacher interviews.

  • Art exhibition of posters created in art classes.


Download Family Event Resources:


What is Classroom Wish List?

The Classroom Wish List Program is designed to expand classroom libraries via donation.


When to run Classroom Wish List

The Classroom Wish List Program should run throughout the duration of the Book Fair; however, class lists are best organised before hand by each individual class teacher.


Why run Classroom Wish List?

So that students have greater variety and current titles available to them during key reading times. The Classroom Wish List program helps build and refresh classroom libraries.


How to run Classroom Wish List

Here are a few suggestions to get the Classroom Wish List Program up and running:

  • Display the Teacher's Preview poster in the staffroom and personalise invitations to each classroom teacher.

  • Host a Teacher's Preview for all classroom teachers when you have the Book Fair set up.

  • This is like a Book Fair premiere so you may like to include some eats and drinks for your fellow classroom teachers.
  • Explain what the Classroom Wish List Program is and how it benefits their classrooms.

  • Ask each classroom teacher to browse the Book Fair and note title on donation list.

  • Create a Classroom Wish List display and showcase at the entrance of your Book Fair.

Download Classroom Wish List Resources:

What is Student Wish List?

Student Wish List is a take-home form provided to each student so that they can browse the Book Fair and write down the titles of books that they are interested in.


When to run Student Wish List

Student Wish Lists are best conducted during a scheduled class preview time so that the classroom teacher is able to assist with their students' choice in terms of reading ability.


Why run Student Wish List?

Student Wish List not only gives parents and family members an indication of what their child's reading interests are, but also creates excitement about books and the Book Fair among your students.


How to run Student Wish List?

Collaborate with class teachers to work out the best times for their class preview.

  • During the class preview give each student a Student Wish List.
  • Each student writes down their preferences as they go around the Book Fair.
  • Look at scheduling a junior class preview with a senior class preview so that the seniors can help the juniors write out their Student Wish List.
  • Students then take their Student Wish List home so that they can show their families what books they would like from the Book Fair.

Download Student Wish List Resources: