Team members are key to creating an exciting and sucessful Book Fair.

Team members will make the Book Fair a sucess with their creativity and energy. Before your Fair, advertise for helpers using the downloads.


Who to ask:

  • Students

  • Parents,guardians and grandparents

  • Teachers

  • Retirees

  • School clubs

  • P&C or P&F committess


How can a Team Member help?

Team members can support you in so many ways, including:

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Set up the bookcases and table displays

  • Assist with class browsing sessions

  • Put up posters and arrows

  • Decorate the Fair

  • Run the cashier desk

  • Update the goal chart

  • Tidy up the bookcases throughout the Fairs

  • Monitor inventory and help with 'last copy' display on popular items

  • Pack up after the Fair.


Thanking your Team Members

Here are some ideas:

  • Display a special 'thank you' on your school's noticeboard.

  • Thank your Team Members in the school newsletter.

  • Get your students 'thank you' cards for each Team Member

  • Let them know that you have dedicated a book to them for the school library from your Book Fair Commission.


Download Recruitment Resources  (Generic - non-themed letters)