Book Talks


What is a Book Talk?

A Book Talk is a 2 to 3 minute talk about a particular book featured on your Book Fair.

When to hold a Book Talk:

Before and during your Book Fair.


Why hold a Book Talk?

It is an excellent way to create awareness and excitement for your students about your Book Fair; Book Talks
can add sparkle, revenue and, most importantly, improve literacy and inspire a love of books.


How to hold a Book Talk:

During morning announcements, assembly, class time and/or library time, gather students and have them
seated comfortably on chairs or on the floor.

  • Note pages you wish to read from
  • Write down a question to ask the students that will connect them to the featured title
  • Write down a statement that summarises the books main theme for students
  • Share the heart of the story without telling the whole story
  • Include significant or unusual details about the main characters, plot or location to encourage students' interest in the books
  • Don't give away the ending.

Download a Book Synopsis