How to Tips

School Supplies Display


Refer to the School Supply pricelist to find the price for each item.

To showcase pricing for the children, use a large cardboard sheet and fix one of each item beside its price (or use a cardboard sheet for each price).

Use these handy labels.



Bonus! Keep the items that you display.






Why run the Poster Program?

The Poster Program showcases the posters available on your Book Fair to your customers. It eliminates congestion at the cashier table with students looking through the posters and reduces the posters getting bent at the corners from handling and rummaging.


How to run the Poster program:

  • Hang one of each poster on the wall or on a clothesline

  • Stick a number on the corner with a post-it note or a sticker which can easily be peeled off

  • Match that with the sequence the posters are placed in the box for ease of identification

  • Download our Poster Program

BONUS! Keep the posters that you display.




What is a reorder?

We monitor the popularity of the titles in your Book Fair and always try to send enough copies to cover your needs, but you may find that certain titles are more popular than expected. In these circumstances you will need to place a reorder to satisfy your paid orders.


Last Copy:

  • Put a 'Last Copy' slip inside the front cover of your popular titles.

  • Do not sell the last copy of a popular title; keep it as a display copy - this enables all students to see the book and determine if they would like to purchase a copy.

  • Download our Last Copy Labels


Why we do reorders ?

Reorders enable your students to order a book that has sold out during your Book Fair.


When to reorder?

You can reorder books at any stage during your Book Fair.





 Set up Cases

Step One

Choose the largest open space available and roll the cases into place (with boxes still on top). Place case according to display options shown below and the space you have available, allowing enough space between each case to open them. Look at the colour-coded case labels on the side of the cases. Line them up from left to right starting with the yellow cases, then red and finally, blue

Step Two

Position your tables in the centre of your Book Fair area. Allow plenty of room around each table for easy access. Remove boxes from the case tops

Step Three

Open the cases and align them so they are close to each other. Place tablecloths and table signs on appropriate tables.

Step Four

Arrange your tables for the most visual appeal and easiest access.

Set up Tables

Step One

Drape a tablecloth over each table. To create more display space, place an empty box (that the books came in) in the centre of the table with the open side facing down and cover with tablecloth. Place book category table sign* on top of display to draw visitors to the table, and ensure the sign faces the Book Fair entry. *If supplied.

Step Two

Place books and other items on the front of the table facing your Book Fair entry. Stack large books towards the centre of the table and smaller books to the edges to create a pyramid effect.

Step Three

Place smaller books and odd-shaped items towards the edges and continue to vary shape, colour and size. Remember visitors will view and access the table from all directions, so make sure there is something to catch their eye from every angle.