Teachers and parents

Use the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge to plan reading activities that can be completed at home, to keep students motivated throughout the holidays. That way, students will start the school year already ahead of the game! 


1. Enter a class or individual students into the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge
from 1 December 2018. Teachers can send this letter home to parents about the challenge.


2. You can encourage students to participate by printing and distributing the reading challenges before the holidays start.


3.  Every registered student automatically goes in the draw to WIN one of 3 great prizes! 1 winner will be drawn from each age category. Please note this is a random draw; it is not based on reading quantity or ability, allowing a fair chance to all participating primary school children. 

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Help stop the Summer Slide by encouraging your child to read every day during the school holidays.


Research tells us that children who read for at least 10 minutes a day over the summer holidays have a better start to the new school year than children who spend little or no time reading. Reading over the holidays helps children maintain or improve the reading level that they developed through the school year. Kids who don’t read over the summer holidays can lose core reading skills and slide backwards, potentially falling behind when they return to school.


The best predictor of reading achievement is the amount of time children spend in independent reading. Reading for at least 10 minutes every day really matters, as it provides 600,000+ word exposure in one year!



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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How do I participate in the Reading Challenges?

Children may choose to participate in one, or many of the available challenges. Go to the page and choose your reading challenge and print the PDF, hang it up somewhere handy over the holidays. Read for at least 10 minutes every day and log your progress on your reading challenge worksheet. Ask your parent or teacher to sign it, and keep it safe in case you are drawn as a winner. Have fun with the challenge! Don’t forget to enter the draw for a chance to win prizes.


2. How do I enter the draw to win prizes?

From the homepage click on ‘Enter the Draw’ and complete the simple online entry form. By entering the draw you are declaring that you are participating in at least one of the reading challenges.


3. When does the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge open and close?

The Summer Reading Challenge is officially open on 13 December 2018 and closes 31 January 2019. You can enter the draw anytime within these dates.


4. What if I am drawn as a winner?

Winners will be notified by the email provided in their online entry form, and first names will be listed on the website.